|  January 2011  |  FROM THE PRINT EDITION



Globalism is the dominant trend of our time, and it’s good news for our manufacturers, our farmers and our software developers.


But in places like Spokane, Tacoma, Bellingham and even Seattle, there are  signs of a countertrend that could bring important balance to our state. These “Buy Local First” campaigns seek to reinvigorate local economies by encouraging consumers and businesses to spend a larger portion of their budgets on local businesses.


 Isn’t that approach anti-trade? Doesn’t it go against the interests of such local job generators as  Amazon.com, Costco and Starbucks? Not really. Being pro-trade doesn’t mean you have to neglect local interests. The reality is that virtually everywhere in the world outside the United States, there is a strong preference for local businesses. At a time when 320,000 Washingtonians are out of work, maybe we should also favor localism.