Man living only on Canadian products for 2011    

Josh Visser Sun Jan. 23 2011

Think you're a Canadian patriot through and through, eh? You probably have nothing on Darren Barefoot.

Barefoot, a Vancouver web marketer, has embarked on a year-long quest to use -- and consume -- only Canadian-made products. Forget sushi, Apple stock and Hollywood films. Hello poutine, Research-in-Motion shares and Paul Gross.

For all of 2011, the 36-year-old will be living as Canadian as possible and documenting the experience on his website.

"I like the idea because it's kind of a trick to make myself think about everything I consume," Barefoot told "My wife and I sometimes track our expenses for a month and you get hypersensitive to exactly where your money goes . . . and this project works kind of the same."

But Barefoot is not quite going cold-turkey Canadian. Just like in a pickup hockey game, there are few rules.

For starters, he's split 2011 into 12 different categories, one for each month, and will add each type of category to his strictly Canadian consumption cumulatively. He's starting January with household goods -- basically all cleaning and bathroom supplies -- and in February will be adding clothing.

As a web-based entrepreneur, he's saving Internet for December, because he suspects it will be the toughest month.

"I work online and the web is a big part of my life," he said. "I haven't worked out the rules, but whatever they are, they are going to be hard."

Food will be another interesting one.


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