Food group to sell fruits of its labour

Published Date:13 January 2011

SHANDON jam could soon be among the local produce on the shelves of city grocers with the launch of a new campaign urging people to shop local.


The Shandon Local Food Group will launch the initiative on Monday, and hopes to encourage shoppers to buy groceries at local businesses, as well as reducing their food miles by picking up produce grown close to home.

They plan to produce special labels indicating food that has been grown in the Lothians, as well as selling surplus from their community garden in local shops.

The group's Gavin Corbett said: "The shopkeepers have said that they're happy to trial some local produce. We're going to provide labels and we'll make an assessment of what's going to work. One idea is to have produce from local suppliers in the Lothians, the second idea is taking produce from our community garden - there's a lot of potatoes this year which the shops said they'd be happy to sell as Shandon potatoes.

"From Monday we're going to get people's feedback as to the kind of things they'd like to see and we'll start getting things on the shelves in February or March.

"We'll use 'Shop local Shandon' as a slogan. The labelling of food is quite complicated and sensitive - we don't obviously have the Soil Association's authority or anything like that, so we're doing something that's really light-hearted."